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The Seed is my email letter dedicated to discerning parent-carers. Curated to encourage you to feel more comfortable with prioritizing yourself, more confident in mindful parenting, and inspired to explore ways of thriving.

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Hi, I’m Gloria.

My pronouns are she/her

Nice to meet you

I snap my neck to any variation of mom, but you can call me Glo.  I’m an inclusion and compassion activist, adaptive yoga teacher, and heart-led entrepreneur.

My favorite color is glitter.  I love books, ice cream, trees, naps, and everything about the brain and nervous system- with a special interest in sensory processing, regulation, and trauma.

As a solo-parent to an autistic child with complex developmental disabilities, health conditions, and adverse experiences; and neurodivergent woman with adverse experiences, invisible physical disabilities, chronic pain, chronic stressors, and autoimmune disease-
I know what it’s like to live on the edge of chaos and exhaustion. My daily deliberate practice is now my heart’s work I share with you!

Glo’s Bio + Training