Adaptive Yoga Studio in Lansing, MI

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Count me In

Hey, Guess What!

Good Things Coming Soon…

I’m opening a brick and mortar studio THIS fall – THIS winter!
I’m updating this website to reflect that exciting news.
In the meantime, if you wanna introduce yourself, have questions or wanna send me love notes of encouragement- don’t hesitate to email me. I super appreciate your support.

With Gratitude, Glo

Hi, I’m Gloria.

Inclusion and Compassion Activist, Adaptive Yoga Teacher, and Heart-led Entrepreneur.

My pronouns are she/her.

I snap my neck to any variation of Mom, but you can call me Glo.

I specialize in teaching therapeutic, playful yoga as a physical, mental, and emotional wellness resource for children, teens, and adults with complex needs, diverse abilities, and backgrounds.  As well as to support and sustain caregivers.

I’m here because I’ve been there.

THIS is why I’m an adaptive yoga teacher and owner of a radically inclusive, truly accessible yoga studio in Lansing, Michigan.

Get to Know Glo

I teach from the path I’ve walked.

With my experience as a disabled and neurodivergent solo mom of an autistic child with complex developmental disabilities, I am committed to empowering personal growth and social change.

While also incorporating my skills as a Positive Discipline Educator and a specialty trained therapeutic yoga teacher.

I help individuals, families, and social groups safely explore mobility and strength, improve attention and reactivity, and increase awareness and resilience to stress.

I collaborate with educators, therapists, social workers, and healthcare professionals in bridging gaps in complementary care.

I partner with other inclusion and accessibility leaders to uplift low-income individuals and families who would benefit from TheraPLAYoga as a physical, mental, or emotional wellness resource.

In private and group sessions- in studio and on location,
I adapt yoga for diverse bodies and brains and affirm diverse abilities, so students can:

  1. Feel safe showing up as themself
  2. Focus on [play]fully exploring sensory and self-regulation
  3. Step into becoming their own most powerful advocate

This is exactly what I want